About Murk Dijkstra

Murk Dijkstra studied 20th-century history at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. The diversity of his engagement with history is reflected in examples of special subjects he took, such as prehistoric archaeology, premodern labour-relations and modern German history, before graduating in his main subject.

His socio-historical MA-thesis is entitled:

"The earlier compositions of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in their relation to youth-subcultures 1955 – 1971"

Murk was a teacher in history and social sciences for many years. He also has organized many historical trips to various European countries.

Apart from being a tour guide he is also a guest-researcher at the department of Metamedics
( Free University of Amsterdam).

Recent essays (in Dutch) from his hand are:

  • I'm a fleabit peanut monkey and all my friends are junkies
    (about the relation between drugs and compositions by the Rolling Stones);
    ISBN 978 90 5898 144 8
  • A sick making war
    (about the evacuation of wounded soldiers and their perception of illness during World War I);
    ISBN 978 90 5898 158 5
  • The germs of evil
    (about heresy and witchcraft in the middle ages).
    ISBN 978 90 5898 181 3
  • Screening on tuberculosis:
    an occasion for public debate?
    ISBN 978 90 5235 164 3

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