• History Trips - Operation Market Garden | Bridge nearby Nijmegen
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  • History Trips - Amsterdam in The Golden Age | The Nightwatch by Rembrandt
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Historical Trips

History Trips is specialized in historical trips and then we mean real historical.
Our historical trips are very much personalized because they are limited to 8 persons. In this way History Trips can guarantee a real personal touch in an interactive setting. Every participant has a 100% opportunity to join in the stories and discussions. No one has to wait for an answer or has difficulty in gaining the attention of the guide

As your guide is a qualified historian there is a historical surplus value: not only specific information
on the spot but moreover the story will come to you with its general historical background and context.

History Trips | Amsterdam in the Golden Age

History Trips | The Jordaan - District history trips | Bruges, a day in the Middle Ages history trips | Operation Market Garden

history trips | Ypres, battlefields WW I